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Matices de la Forma

07/09/2017 - 16/11/2017


Ana Arana, Ruth Uve, Anabella Vivas and Enrique Ventosa.


Anabella Vivas, Estudio Báltico, Julen Ussia, Max Enrich, Miguel Leiro, Lebel, Plutarco, Ruohong Wu, Teratoma Productions.


Also understood as variety; The attribute of a form by virtue of which it is perceptible. Usually we use “ HUES” when we talk about colors, there are hundreds of shades on one single tone, but on the other hand, doesn't this happen when we talk about design? Many times we see objects with the same function in which it only changes its “FORM”. 

In our case, “HUES OF FORMS” concept opens new horizons and jointly presents various creative and theoretical ways of understanding and enjoying the variety of forms, its essence, use with different materials, manufacturing and design. 

The exhibition showcases a selection of work from different ranging designers from product, graphics to furniture; Taking a closer look of what varied forms, can mean today and how the coalition of different designers under one roof can show much more of personal’s identities; A nuance of what we mean or understand by design.


Photographer: © Sara Lekuona

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