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06/06/2018 - 13/07/2018

Photography, design and architecture are autonomous disciplines, but the removal of barriers between them extends the margins of creation to infinity. This exhibition seeks to break the limits and proposes a promenade where the viewer can explore the possibilities offered by the spaces captured by Raúl Cabrera and redesigned by Miguelangel Troccoli. In Verum, artists explore, from photography and digital work respectively, the possible alternatives that the spaces create.

The photographs by Raúl Cabrera stand out for their unique visual language. His training as an architect is reflected every image. Through an own scheme that insists on the relationship between architecture and human scale, Cabrera reinterprets urban spaces. 

The images of Raúl Cabrera serve as a canvas for the digital artist and designer Miguelangel Troccoli, who challenges the infinite possibilities offered by the spaces thanks to his visual and compositional sensibility. Lights, shadows and frames are the basis of his works in two dimensions, created from 3D scenes. 

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